Karma NFTs

Explore our Karma NFT collection

A collection of 1,000 animated NFT artworks, inspired by the beautiful jungles of Guatemala

Stunning artwork, first-class utility, and a profoundly positive impact on the lives of those most in need, via The Cryptopia Foundation

NFT Utility

Offering both utility & real-life value, our NFT collection is truly blazing trails – here are just a handful of benefits you can expect from ownership:

The Cryptopia Foundation

Using crypto & blockchain technology to help develop & empower the impoverished, indigenous people of Guatemala

Medical clinic

Profits from NFT minting will pay for the complete build & setup of this life-changing facility in the remote jungles of Guatemala. Full clinic plans HERE

Investment fund

For each NFT minted, 25% of the funds will be placed into the Karma Investment Fund, governed entirely by DAO

Cryptopia VC

Cryptopia’s community VC is a gateway to seed/private investment, allowing early access to projects which would otherwise be unattainable

Karma NFT holders benefit from significantly increased personal deal allocations & exclusive projects

Click HERE for more details on our VC


1,000 unit collection – each rarity will have unique animated artwork additional utility & hidden benefits

Prices & minting

Our NFT collection is truly blazing trails – here are the details on price and hot to mint

Combining early-stage investment, unique YouTube content & a focus on community & charity – we are Cryptopia!

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