Venture Capital

Early-stage, decentralised investment

Cryptopia’s VC is a gateway to seed & private investment, allowing early access to web3 start-up projects which would otherwise be unattainable.  Investing in this way allows our community to buy at a much lower price vs public, ensuring the best chance to make a great return on investment.

We only ever offer tier 1 investment opportunities which have gone through our strict vetting process; including a thorough review of the team, project utility, tokenomics, marketing and backers.  This provides a further layer of reassurance to our community.


VC tiers:

  1. Membership – $400 max – FCFS
  2. Karma NFT – $750 max – FCFS
  3. Elite NFT – $10k max – Guaranteed


Elite Membership NFT holders are entitled to top tier access, which has a range of excellent benefits and utility – full details in this pitch deck

Not all deals will be offered to all tiers – for example, Elite members will get exclusive access to some deals.  The higher the tier, the better the opportunities.




Fully vetted projects
Invest with confidence
Maximise ROI

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Combining early-stage investment, unique YouTube content & a focus on community & charity – we are Cryptopia!

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